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The birch tree is one of great strength, interest, and functionality. It’s only natural to apply the same qualities to the ebooks and digital materials we produce.

  • Writing a Book is Much Like a Tree

    We had some reprieve from the bitter cold for a few days, and even saw some above zero temperatures. Although it was nice, I personally don’t think it should be this warm and raining in January. Especially when we all know winter is far from over. All it does is turn the roads and streets…

  • 5 things to do when compiling a community history book.

    Have you ever been a part of a community history project? In October 2019 I was asked to sit in on a meeting regarding a history book for our community. Somehow during the course of the meeting I became the one to start a website, set up an email, and organize the stories as they…

  • Publishing options to help you reach your goals.

    Happy New Year! I took a bit of a break (well, not really) and am now armed with an arsenal of new software to make my publishing processes easier and faster. I have been working on some colouring pages and activity books, which I will be adding to my shopping cart soon. Although this post…

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I am a writer, indie author, and information product creator. I believe in sharing helpful and entertaining books and materials with others. Join me on my publishing adventure.

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