About Birchbark Publishing

Birchbark Publishing is geared toward supplying readers with helpful and entertaining books and information products: all in digital form.

We live in a society that loves instant results, which is why digital formats are the way to get the information out there.

The goal is to provide digital author services in both written and recorded formats for authors in a variety of genres.

Rates are in favour of the author; they deserve the lion’s share as they are the ones who put in the blood, sweat, and tears when writing their books.

As an author I know first-hand how much time goes into the writing, editing, formatting, and publishing process. That doesn’t even include the marketing, which is ongoing; no matter how many books have been written.

Author services are available for a small fee, so please check out the services page for more information.

Thank you for choosing Birchbark Publishing for your reading and publishing needs.